Sunday, 18 November 2012

Back in Business!

Hello gents! Welcome to the brand new Yakobelt blog! As you may see above; I now have a fantastic fancy domain name:! However; despite the creation of this new wonderful blog, due to school and procrastination, I have been neglecting my computer quite a bit...
But, do not fret! Everything is now back to normal, and I have finished planning out everything for my next videos, and I assure you, there is much awesomeness to come. Firstly, a brand new Paint.Net tutorial will be released soon; as I have not made one in an incredibly long while! I have also now put together a nice schedule so you guys can looks forward to new videos! I will of course try to release videos every week, but as you know, school can sometimes get in the way!
  • Paint.Net Tutorials - Shade and Tone
  • Age of Empires III Multiplayer - ft. SpyingRaven
  • The Film Shack - with Geoff!
  • Age of Empires III - DLCs
  • Marshmallow Academy
That is it for now however guys! Keep tuned on the blog, as the next post will feature a brand new Pontification Forest cartoon!